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There are various types of scooters that are most widely used in Indonesia - Sticker-cutting materials that are popular in Indonesia. Knowing the various types and brands of these materials can help you choose the one that suits your needs. To enrich your information, here is some additional information regarding the characteristics and uses of the types of sticker-cutting materials mentioned:

There are various types of scooters that are most widely used in Indonesia

1. 3M:

   - Vinyl: This type of material is generally used for exterior and interior signage. 3M vinyl is known for its good weather resistance and colorfastness.

   - Control Talk: This may be a material that has communication or voice control technology. Can be used for certain purposes related to communication.

   - Window Film: This material is usually used for window or glass protective films, providing security and protection against UV rays.

2. Rhythrama :

   - 4GL3A: Suitable for branding on vehicles such as cars and motorbikes.

   - 4GL3B: Specially designed for flat surfaces.

   - RI-JET: Maybe this type of material is used for inkjet applications or digital printing.

   - Ritrama Vinyl: There are various types of vinyl, including polymeric for curved surfaces and monomeric for flat surfaces. The CAST type may be thinner and is used for car branding and striping.

3. Oracal :

   - 651 Series: This type may be commonly used for signage and decoration.

   - 970 Series: Maybe more focused on applications that require extra durability and high visual quality.

   - 950 Series: May be used for special applications requiring high bonding strength.

4. Other Types of Sticker Cutting Materials:

   - Sinblast or Transparent Stickers: Generally used to make stickers that can be attached to transparent surfaces such as glass.

   - Foil Stickers: Suitable for screen printing and clothing purposes, provide an attractive foil effect.

   - Paper Material Stickers: Used for labels and stickers in general.

   - Synthetic or Vinyl Stickers: Used to make number plates and traffic signs that can glow in the dark.

It is important to always choose materials that suit your application needs and ensure they are applied correctly for optimal results.


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