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Advantages of Batikan or Engraved Motorcycle Tires - Regarding batik or carved motorbike tires, they are used motorbike tires that are reprocessed by re-making or re-carving the flowered part of the tire which has become smooth and bald until the flowered motif is visible again. For more depth on a carved motorbike tire, here is an excerpt. from the information we provide:

Advantages of Batikan or Engraved Motorcycle Tires:

1. **Economy Price:**

   - Batikan-type motorbike tires have an economical and affordable price.

   - Cheaper than the price of new inner tubes.

2. **Helping Lower Middle Communities:**

   - This tire helps small and lower-middle-class communities at an affordable price.

3. **Emergency Solution:**

   - The ban on batik is a solution in emergencies, such as when a tire bursts on a motorbike that is not your own.

4. **Options for Motorcycle Sellers:**

   - Batik or engraved tires are widely used by sellers, pawnbrokers, and motorbike brokers.

### Weaknesses of Batikan or Engraved Motorcycle Tires:

1. **Not Long Lasting:**

   - The quality of batik tires is low and does not last long.

   - Long-distance use usually only lasts one month.

2. **Easily Leaked or Overloaded:**

   - Batik tires are easy to leak or tire if you are not careful in purchasing and installing them.

Reference : Age limit for using carved tires and their advantages and disadvantages.

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