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The unique fashion style of the 1970s was inspired by the previous decade  - The '70s indeed had a unique style that departed from the more structured and polished looks of the previous decades. Here's a breakdown of some key elements of 1970s fashion, hair, and makeup:


1. Long and Straight Hair: The era favored long, straight hair, often with a flip at the ends.

2. Curlers and Electric Curling Irons: While longer hairstyles still used large curlers for big waves, the introduction of electric curling irons was notable.

3. Farrah Fawcett's Influence: Farrah Fawcett's hairstyle, characterized by flicked-up ends and wavy curls, became iconic during this time.

4. Charlie's Angels Influence:The flicked-up haircuts from the TV show "Charlie's Angels" were popular, applied to bangs or wings on the sides of the head.


1. Natural Look: The '70s makeup embraced a natural, surfer appeal. A tan, golden glow, and minimal makeup were sought after.

2. Bronzers and Fake Tanning Fluids: Bronzers became popular, and some experimented with fake tanning fluids, though results weren't always ideal.

3. Light Eye Makeup: Mascara was minimal for daywear, with a focus on lengthening rather than thickening lashes. White or pale blue eyeliner was sometimes used to make eyes appear larger.

4. Pearlescent Colors: Pearlescent shades were popular for eye shadow, nail polish, and lipstick. Liquid eye shadows gained popularity.

5. Foundation and Powder: Foundation, if worn, was left alone without heavy powdering, allowing for a bit of shine.

 Skin Care

1. Concept of Skin Care: The '70s saw a shift towards a more comprehensive approach to skincare, with the introduction of face masks, toners, astringents, and various cosmetic skincare products.

2. Natural Ingredients: Natural ingredients like oatmeal, avocado, and milk gained popularity in skincare products.


1. Ethnic and Disco Inspired Ethnic-inspired fashions, including Afros for African Americans, were prominent. Disco fashion played a significant role, with bold and flashy styles.

2. Turban, Tunics, and Chunky Jewelry: Women's clothing included turbans, tunics over lounge pants, chunky beaded jewelry, and woven handbags.

3. Disco Influence: Saturday Night Fever and the disco craze influenced fashion, with micro-minis, clunky heels, and flashy disco costumes becoming popular.

 Men's Fashion:

1. White Disco Suit: The classic retro '70s outfit for men was often the white disco suit, worn open-necked with gold chains.

The 1970s were a diverse and vibrant time for fashion and beauty, with influences from various subcultures contributing to the overall aesthetic of the era.

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