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Charming beauty with short hair

Look charming and attractive by creating a short hair look at home

Radarpost.cl - Hype Hair Once Upon A Time, Long Hair Was The Be- All And End- All. Long, Luscious Locks Were Thought To Be The Height Of Glamour And Sophistication. Nowadays, That Couldn't Be Further From The Truth! Short Hair Is Hotter Than Ever. Nothing Says Confidence And Glamour Like A Chic, Short Cut. Perhaps, Like Some Women, 've got The Glamour Part Down, But Are Still Working On Confidence. We've Got Just The Trick For You. Not Ready To Hit The Chopping Block? Try A Short Weave On For Size. You Can Add A Few Tracks To Your Existing Shortcut to Add A Splash Of Color Or Add A Full Weave For A Whole New You. Here's How To Get The Look. You'll Need A Friend Or Your Hairstylist To Assist. 

Tools Needed 

Needle and

Thread Disposable Razor

27 And 30 Bump Collection Sensational 


Shampoo Revivamane 

Conditioner Revivamane

Hair Oil/ Butter Revivamane

Shaper Spray

Step step

Step 1: Shampoo And Condition The Hair Using Revivamane Products. These Products Allow The Hair To Stay Healthy By Shampooing Out Impurities And Restoring Nutrients With The Conditioner. 

Step 2:Blow- Dry Hair Using A Paddle Brush, Extending The Hair From The Root To The Tip.

 Step 3: Trim Hair Using Shears At A 90-degree Angle To Keep The Cut Of The Hair Without Changing The Length. 

Step 4: Use A Dime- Sized Amount Of The Revivamane Oil/ Butter For Moisture And Shine. If You Have An Extra- Dry Scalp, Use Tea Tree Oil By Revivamane.

 Step 5: Cornrow The Hair Straight Back And Then- Braid It In The Back Using The Basket Closure. To Learn How To Weave With Closure, Log On To Newcocoamane. Com. Next, Sew The Tracks In And Close The Top.

 Step 6: Razor- Cut And Flat- Iron For A Finished Look. Add Funk To The Hairstyle By Curling The Hair On The Crown In An Up- Flip, Down- Curl Technique.

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