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Application Techniques For A Believable Golden, Sunless Tan

Tanning lotions and creams are basically a way of dying your skin a lovely, summertime hue without exposing yourself to harmful UVA and UVB radiation


Radarpost.cl - Before You Start, Decide How Deep A Tan You Want, And Plan How Much Of Your Body You Want Tanned. Trouble Spots Include The Neck And The Clavicle Area. A Deeply Tanned Chest Above The Breasts Can Look Old And Wrinkly, So Be Careful. Decide How You Want Your Feet To Look: You Don’t Want A Tan That Ends In A Pair Of White Ankles! The Same With Your Hands; Your Tan Shouldn’t End At Your Wrists. In General, Tanning Your Face Should Be Avoided Because Of Tricky Things Like The Thin Skin Under The Eyes. If You Feel You Must Have A Tan On Your Face, Consider A Bronze Makeup Or Powder, Or Have It Professionally Tanned At A Good Salon. 

Start With Freshly Shaven Legs So The Lotion Will Go On Smoothly, And Apply It As Evenly As You Can. If You Can, Use A Full-length Mirror Or Get A Friend To Help You Apply The Lotion To The Backs Of Your Legs, Shoulders, Waist, And Back. 

Tanning Lotion Is Like Salt In A Stew: You Can Always Add More, But It’s Hard To Take Any Out. If You’re Looking For A Pretty Rich Color, Plan To Do Your Tanning In More Than One Application, So You Can Brown Up In Increments, Preventing Overdoing It. 

I Recommend Neutrogena Because Although It Costs A Little More, You Won’t End Up With The orange color Of Cheap Tanning Lotions. Getting Your Tan From A Company That Specializes In Skin Care With An Eye To Sensitivity is also A Good Idea in my Way Of Thinking.

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