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Funky and bold 80s fashion trends that are popular today  - It's great to see the enthusiasm for 80s fashion and makeup for theme parties or costume events! The 1980s indeed had a distinctive and bold style that is still celebrated today. Here's a summary of the key points and tips you've mentioned for achieving that funky 80s look:

1. Eye Makeup

   - Bold and bright eye makeup was a trademark of the 80s.

   - Colors like blue, pink, and white eyeshadow were popular.

   - Apply bright white eyeshadow over the entire eyelid and add a bright blue or neon pink shadow on the lid.

   - Use thick black eyeliner on both the upper and lower lash lines.

   - Finish with bright blue or thick black mascara.

2. Eyeliner

   - Eyeliner was often worn inside the lid's rim.

   - Blue and teal eyeliners were particularly popular during the 80s.

3. Blush & Cheeks Makeup

   - Bold and vibrant blush colors like hot pink or dark red were in style.

   - Heavy application of blush was common, and subtle looks were not the trend.

   - Accentuate cheekbones with contouring color strokes.

4. Lipstick

   - Lipstick in bright colors like fuchsia, red, purple, and hot pink was trendy.

   - Many women liked a glossy finish, so using a sparkly lip gloss over the lipstick was recommended.

   - Bold and unconventional colors like blue or orange were embraced in the 80s.

5. Hair Styles and Cuts

   - Teasing and hairspray were essential for achieving the big and teased hair look.

   - Crimping hair or creating a teased, voluminous appearance was popular.

   - Bangs were often styled into big bouffants and held in place with hairspray.

   - Some women used spray colors like pink, orange, or green in their hair.

6. Men's Makeup

   - Men also experimented with colorful makeup during the 80s.

   - Pale foundation, eyeliner, and even blush and lipstick were worn by some men.

7. Overall Attitude

   - The 80s were all about bold fashion, style, and breaking away from conservative norms.

   - Makeup and hairstyles of the era reflected the society's desire for individuality and self-expression.

So, for your 80s costume or theme party, embrace the bold and vibrant colors, experiment with makeup, tease your hair, and have fun embodying the spirit of this iconic decade!

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