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Allergy to nickel content from jewelry in women - What To Do? There Aren’t Any Vaccinations: Your Best Bet Is To Avoid Nickel. If You Have A Recent Piercing, Making Sure To Use Only Stainless Steel Posts, And Once The Symptoms Are Gone, Pay Strict Attention To The Kind Of Jewelry You’re Buying. Replace Your Jewelry With Pieces Guaranteed To Be Nickel Free; Remember, You Can Suffer Allergy Symptoms From Rings, Necklaces, Bracelets, Earrings, Belts, Or Body Jewelry. 18 Carat Gold Should Be All Right; Platinum Is Also Known As Hypoallergenic.

 Nickel Free Or Alloy Free White Gold Is Made With Palladium, A Type Of Platinum, Which Costs More Than The White Gold Made With Nickel. 

Nickel-free Jewelry Does Exist For Allergy Sufferers

 The Down Side Of Having A Nickel Allergy Is That Nickel Free Jewelry Often Costs More, Making You More Difficult To Shop For. If You Usually Shop In Fine Jewelry Stores, You Probably Won’t Have A Problem, But If Like Many Of Us, You Buy Your Earrings In Drugstores Or Kiosks, You Have To Pay Special Attention To Make Sure You Get Items Labeled As Hypoallergenic Or Nickel Free. Stainless Steel Earrings And Other Piercing Items Are Available In A Wide Range Of Styles, And They’re Inexpensive. 

If You Have A Piece Of Jewelry That Causes You Allergy Problems But You Can’t Bear To Part With It, You Can Try Coating The Whole Piece In A Couple Of Coats of Clear Fingernail Polish. Some People Find That The Polish Prevents Contact To The Extent That They Don’t Suffer from The Allergy: Others Have To Give Up The Jewelry Or Endure Swelling, Itching, And Burningâall Which makes Jewelry Somewhat Pointless, Skin Look Awful People Not Sexy New Studs In Ears, Lips, Belly Tongue.

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